Labyrinth Design

Labyrinth builds professional, cost-effective websites for small to medium sized businesses.
Labyrinth was formed with the goal of taking what has previously been a complicated and expensive experience and turning it into an affordable solution.

With so much choice, it can be hard to cherry-pick which of the many options available will best serve your business. Learning about your web options in the first place can be like trying to read alphabet soup; PPC, API, CMS, DMP! Once you’ve identified what you want, trying to get there can quickly lead to loss of direction. Entering such a maze without some idea of your route to the other side could waste money! Our process is here to guide you through the maze.

The Design Process

Each time I discuss a new web project with a client I have a list of questions. You can contact me directly, but we’ll be in a much better starting place if you have filled out my questionnaire. I need to know about your business, who your market is, what your identity and focus are. What is it that you hope this site will do for you? Increase business, tell your clients more about you, give your business a new look? I also like to know what current sites out there appeal to you. You may like the color of one, the layout of another etc. This gives me a better idea of what you may be looking for. Then I need your content – your logo, what it is you want to say, pictures of your product, what colors you want to use, contact information etc. If you need help creating your content; writing that is optimized for search engines or having pictures taken, I need to know that too.

My focus is on building a site that works for you, has the functionality that you need and developing a custom theme development from your design ideas.


Once the final design is approved and I have all the necessary content, I will begin developing (coding or building) the site.  You will have a chance to see it as a live site on my host server before it gets uploaded to your host. At that point, final proofing from you and minor adjustments can be made. How long will all this take? Part of that answer depends on you and how quickly I get the necessary content, but in general, from initial conversation to a live site 4-6 weeks.

I can provide domain names or hosting, if this is something you are looking for. We should discuss this before you purchase anything so you get the right hosting package for your needs.

We love working with WordPress!Once the site is up, I can provide the maintenance or make it easy for you to make quick changes on your own. I specialise in creating custom WordPress sites which is a content management system that is easy to use and powerful enough for most small business sites. You can also expect a great deal of training during the development process. I actually want you to add most of your own content so that you become familiar with how your site works.


You should also have a marketing plan in mind – how are you going to direct traffic to your new site? Optimising the text and code for search engines is certainly an excellent place to start, but having external links, press releases and active social networking are all necessary for a successful commercial site. Please enquire about our full digital and social media marketing plans.